Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Librarian

Robeta Eckdall, Jan Tholen, Connie Leonhart, Dennis Kelly

The Librarian

I should’ve been—
A librarian instead of
Being a poet

Hiding in the stacks—
Of the William Allen White
Library back then

Just a mild-mannered—
Athens of the Midwest
Bookworming queen bee

I should’ve stayed—
In the Eisenhower Era
A Fifties recluse

A lover of books—
A card catalog crackpot
And kept to myself

I should’ve been like—
Alma in “Summer and Smoke”
The Sunken Garden

Newman’s Hospital—
Roberta’s Eckdall’s grandfather
Delivering me

Died across the street—
Kenyon Hall Retirement Home
Gone without a peep