Monday, November 14, 2011

Drive-In Poems

Drive-In Poems

Sunset Boulevard

Norma Desmond—
Getting William Holden
Off in the Granada balcony!

Lana Turner—
Stabbing Stompanato
In the Strand basement!

Cute Sal Mineo—
Doing James “Rebel” Dean
At the 50-S Drive-In!

No wonder, my dear—
I grew up so gay in that
Perverted little town!

Small Town Hotspots

Sixth & Commercial—
Crummy Kansas home-town
Lots of sexy hot spots tho

Dragging Main Street—
Like bored teenagers do
On skanky Saturday nights

Peter Pan Park—
A naughty hot-spot for
Cocky gay cognoscenti

The dingy Dairy Queen—
The 50-S Drive In Snakepit
Those backseat blowjobs!

Midwestern Film Noir

The sheer horror—
Growing up gay there
In the str8t Midwest

Emporia ennui—
The Last Great American
Picture Show…

Lovely Nights—
Of the Living Dead!
Hot FFA farmboyz!

Pickups full of—
“I Was A Teenage
Werewolf” rough trade!

Fly-Over State

The Fly-over State—
How did I end up way
Down there for so long?

Stuck in Flint Hills—
“Big Sleep” nightmare
Oh Drive-In Kansas!?!

Why did it take—
So long to escape my
Athens of the Midwest?

Why didn’t I go back—
For any of my lovely
Class reunions?

Reading Beads

Oh, dumpy, schmaltzy—
College town plopped
Down in Kansas!

Like some stinky—
Runny cow-patty going
Ka-plop! out on the Plains!

That little Santa Fe—
Train-stop out there in
The middle of nowhere?

Why do I kvetch so—
Like some old ratty
Rodeo cowboy?

High School Yearbook

“All I want—
Is me outta here!”
The caption says

Ronnie Hines—
My Elvis Presley
Ducktail greaser

Sullen, moody kid—
James Dean smirk
Highschool loverboy

If people only—
Knew how so very
Well-endowed he was!

Lyon County Fair

Standing in front—
Of a Quonset hut full
Of jams and jellies

Tom Jaggard—
Larry Ballard and me
At the country fair

Steven Henry—
And his new lovely
Wife pass us by

Rather quickly—
Steven somewhat
Ashamed of us fags

Sideshow Smirkers

Steve Trimble—
Jeff Hahn, and the
Peppermint Kid

Rather drunk—
At the carnivalesque
Lyon County Fair

Smirking at me—
All pretensions gone
Gone with the wind

“Well, if it isn’t—
Miss Kelly, my dear…
Cruising the chicken?”


Richard Doxtator—
My favorite wise-ass
English teacher

Married to pale—
Jaundiced Janice
Gazette Gossip Queen

Too bad Janice—
Got him first, because
I fell for him really bad

My literary hero—
So Hemingwayesque
I fell in love with him

Diesel Dyke

Anita B. Rice—
She stomps into class
With her butchy boots

Glasses, doing her
Soft-shoe routine

American history—
Drag-show burlesque
Watch out girls!

Long afternoons—
Her droning away
Snapping her whip!

Gargoyle Time

Wood Bloxom’s dead—
Buried there in dreary
Maplewood Cemetery

Thought he’d never—
Shut-up his meandering
Mean old monologue

“Somewhere in Kansas”—
The sun is shining but
It sure aint shining here”

Sickeningly grumpy—
Grotesquely grizzled
Gone old gargoyle…

Closet Cases

Jim Alderman—
Such an intramural
Basketball queen

Flipping her wrist—
Swishing her way thru
Tres gay geometry

One thing for sure—
It takes one to know one
She hated me so

She preferred the—
Butchy athletic types
To my lisp & limp wrists

S/M Queen

Loreto Langley—
Such a mean old bitchy
S/M typing queen

Slapping my wrists—
With her sadomasochistic
Sneaky snapping rulers

If my gaze wandered—
From typing to cruising
Some cute guy in class…

Then she’d wack me—
Really hard right there on
My poor weak limp wrists!!!